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Ekaani is a premium and exclusive brand launched by Brijbasi group, BAP Creations Pvt Ltd., which has been investing and working in the field of religious and other arts for decades. Brijbasi lends its long standing expertise in creation of calendar art on oil, poster and canvas to now express on a brand new medium of silverware, giftware and porcelain. Ekaani Lifestyle and Luxury is the importer and distributor of exquisite collections of art sourced internationally from Italy, Germany and Spain in silverware. The art pieces/figurines/gift items are available right from silver, crystal to porcelain. We are associated with renowned international brands like; Recuardo, Enrico Sabadini, Astra Argenti, Leader Argenti to name a few. We serve our clients through our dealer/franchisee, tie-up with stores and boutiques around the country, and will open Ekaani’s exclusive stores in the coming year. Ekaani has introduced its range of Worldwide Limited Editions of Indian God figures and idols. They are a fusion of porcelain, 92.5 percent sterling silver, brass, 24 carat gold and swarovski crystals. Designed by some of the top sculptors of the country, and taking inspiration from traditional well-known paintings, the masterpieces have been brought to life in silverware and porcelain and have been embellished with Swarovski crystals. They are brushed with fascinating colours and handcrafted with precision. Apart from the divine figures, the collection will include exquisite animal and human figurines. Ekaani Premium Giftware is the importer and distributor of giftware and targets at providing the elite and the corporate. The collection provides abundant and exquisite gifting choices, basically in silverware and crystal ware. The items include; tableware, home décor, religious and other figurines, photo frames, center pieces, trays and platters, treasure boxes, ornate baskets and bowls, candle-stands, gift sets and other articles. There are gifts specially selected in the range for festive occasions like; Diwali, Rakshabandhan, Shivratri, and others like; anniversaries, birthdays, and house-warming. Ekaani Giftware sourced from some of the top Italian houses like Chinelli, AD; New Daniel will be available in over 200 jewellery and lifestyle product outlets across the country. All the products in Ekaani are made with an impeccable precision, and are worth owning. EKAANI has now entered into exclusive distribution ship of internationally renowned extremely high end Dinner ware, Glass ware and Gifts brands in India. It now represents the complete ROSENTHAL range of Dinnerware, Glassware and Gifts including the famous ROSENTHAL meets VERSACE range. Versace and Rosenthal are both recognized as brands synonymous with excellence and high quality. Rosenthal has an international reputation for uniting tradition and innovation, while Versace has its own world famous, glamorous and luxurious style. Together they have developed elegant, refined and exciting tableware and gift collections. Inspiration for these is derived from different historical periods and cultures. Thus, there are pieces that explore the exotic jungle imagery that is found on famous Versace prints, and collections incorporating the baroque iconography that the fashion house has made its own. Diving for hidden treasure, strolling through delightful gardens or viewing the most illustrious artifacts of the court of the Tsar, Versace and Rosenthal conjure up diverse imaginary scenarios through their decorated tableware, laden with myth, symbolism and antique references. To create these most luxurious dream worlds, Versace has used the highest quality porcelain, crystal and cutlery from Rosenthal. Precious materials are skillfully crafted into special pieces. Versace is well known for its ability to bring together the historical and the ultramodern, to arrive at timeless yet totally contemporary designs. Its work with Rosenthal perfectly illustrates this unique aesthetic. EKAANI also represents the internationally renowned ROBERTO CAVALLI Dinner ware Glassware and Gifts in India. Cavalli famous for his animal prints has gracefully reflected the same prints in his table ware collection. The prints comprise of Lizzard Platin, Palazzo Pitti, Rose Jewel, Lizzard Gold, Tigress, Python, Silk Gold, Jaguar, Zebra, Tigress amongst others.

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